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Croeso i 6SW.
Welcome to 6SW.


Our teacher is Mrs Watts and our
Teaching Assistants is Mrs Boorman.


Ein hathrawes ydy Mrs Watts ac ein Cynorthwy-ydd
Addysgu ydy Mrs Boorman.

Our context for this term is ‘BLITZ'.

This is a  History based topic that includes learning about World War 2.


Topics to be studied include;

  • Reasons for the War
  • Countries involved
  • Impact on civilian life
  • Evacuation


Approaches to learning will be through Literacy, numeracy, art, music, DT and geography. There will be an emphasis on following up ideas from the pupils for learning and activities as well as a strand of independent learning. 


If any parents/guardians/other relatives have particular expertise in any of these areas and would like to be more actively involved this half term (possibly visiting school to talk to the children) we would be really interested in hearing from you.



Here are some interesting websites to help you learn:

Dyma ambell wefan ddiddorol i'ch helpu i ddysgu:



Indoor P.E. is on Mondays.


Outdoor Games is on Thursdays.





The majority of pupils will visit Whitchurch High School on alternate Tuesdays throughout their time in Year 6.

They will be provided with a timetable stating which subjects they will be covering, prior to the Tuesdays afternoons.

All children will need to bring their own pencil cases  on the transition days.




All Year 6 pupils will take part in weekly Guided Group Reading sessions in class.

They also have levelled individual reading books which they read at home and change on a regular basis.


Thank you for visiting our web page.
Please call again soon!

Diolch am ymweld â’n tudalen we!
Galwch eto'n fuan!