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Criw teithiau actif!

The active Journey Crew 2018-19

Bling your bike

November 2018: International Links / Cysylltiadau Rhyngwladol: We were delighted to welcome teachers from all over Europe as part of the “International On Your Bike Project”. Roeddwn yn falch iawn i groesawi athrawon o wledydd ar draws Ewrop fel ran o'r brosiect ryngwladol beicio.

Bling your bike

Our Active Journeys Programme is an exciting initiative because we wish to see more of our pupils choosing an active and healthy journey to school.

Increasing the number of children who regularly walk, cycle or scoot to school has numerous benefits including:

  • increased physical activity levels resulting in improved health and wellbeing 
  • reduced congestion around schools
  • improved relations with the local community
  • improved academic performance and attendance rates
  • increased road safety awareness
  • increased confidence, self-esteem and independence for young people.