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At Key Stage 2 learners build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired during the Foundation Phase. Progress is achieved through an integrated programme of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Learners are presented with experiences and opportunities that interrelate the requirements of the Skills and Range sections of the programmes of study.


They become confident, coherent and engaging speakers, working as individuals and as members of a group. Their experiences will include opportunities to take part in drama and role-play activities. They develop as active and responsive listeners in a wide range of situations. Throughout the key stage, they experience a progressively wide range of demanding texts, for enjoyment and information, so that they can develop into fluent and

effective readers. They become competent writers, writing clearly and coherently in a range of forms and for a range of purposes. They acquire a growing understanding of the need to adapt their speech and writing to suit purpose and audience. They work with increasing accuracy and become reflective and evaluative in relation to their own and others’ achievements.