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How do I register my child for admission at the school?


County Hall is our admitting body.  All admissions are dealt with through the Pupil Admissions department.  


The school holds a register of interest (not a waiting list) for any parent who is interested in sending their child here. This register is forwarded to Pupil Admissions in County Hall, who will contact parents regarding the admissions process at the appropriate date.  Please contact the school office if you wish to put your child's name on the register of interest.


What before and after school care does
Whitchurch Primary provide?


The school offers before and after school care in the form of Woodpeckers Club.  (07786908242 / The club is run by a management committee who allocate and run the Club.  For more information please visit our 'Wrap Around Care' page.  


There is also a free Welsh Government breakfast club available at the school.  For more details please contact the school office on 02920 623441 or by emailing


Little Footprints on site provides pre-school facilities each morning and afternoon for children who attend our Nursery.


How can I find out what my child will be learning this year?


Each class has their own webpage.  Go to the 'Children's' section to find the class pages.


For more information about the curriculum in general, visit the curriculum page in the 'About Us' section of the website.  Here you will find information about curriculum subjects and current initiatives.




Does the school provide music lessons?  How can I arrange music lessons for my child?


We are very proud of the standard of music, and other creative arts, at the school.  Lessons are available on a range of instruments for pupils in Year 2 and above.  For further information, please see the 'Music' page in the Children's section of our website


What clubs does the school offer?


Whitchurch Primary offers a wide range of clubs.  For more details visit the 'School Clubs' page.


When will I be able to meet with my child's class teacher?


The school arranges two parental consultation evenings a year.  The first is usually held early in the Autumn term and the second during the Spring term.  The dates for upcoming consultations will be published in our newsletters, on the website calendar and on social media.  If you wish to see your child's teacher outside of these times please contact them via the school administrator.


When can I discuss any issues I have with the Headteacher or Deputy and Assistant Headteachers?


If you need to see Mrs Griffin, Mr. Hills, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Watkins or Mrs. Clarke, please telephone the school to make an appointment.


Does the school have an official complaints procedure?


Yes, you will find out complaints procedure on our Policies Page, in the Parents' Section of the website.


When does my child have PE?


Check the year group page for your child's class (in the 'Children's section of the website).  It will have details of when each class has PE and Games lessons.  Your child must have appropriate kit for these lessons.  See the 'School Uniform' section under 'General Information'.  It is school policy to ask all children to remove any jewellery prior to their PE lesson.  Children with long hair will need to tie it back securely.


What provision does the school make for school dinners?


Children are able to have a hot meal provided for them at school.  School meals cost £2.50 a day (£12.50 a week) and are payable weekly.  For more information on the dinners offered visit the 'School Dinners Menu' section of the website.


What are the timings of the school day?


The timings of the school day can be found by clicking on the 'Timetable of the School Day' section under 'About Us'.


Does the school have a school uniform?


Yes, the school has a uniform details of which can be found on the 'School Uniform' under 'Parents'.


Where can I buy school uniform?


YC Sports on Crwys Road, and Joyell in Whitchurch.
Please contact our school office for further details.



If you require further information,
please don't hesitate to contact us.

Cysylltwch efo ni os ydych yn
dymuno gwybodaeth ychwanegol.

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