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Croeso i'r Feithrinfa

Our Teachers are / Ein Hathrawon ydy:
Mrs. N. Davies and Mrs. S. Davies
Our Teaching Assistants are /
Ein Cynorthwywyr Addysgu ydy:

Miss S. Steele, Mrs S.Hembury, Mrs. C.Adams,


80 children attend our excellent nursery, 40 in the morning

and 40 in the afternoon.

For further information about our Nursery, please email or telephone 029 2062 3441.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Download our Nursery Booklet here:

Class of 2019-2020
We have been settling into our Nursery and having lots of fun exploring the areas and new activities.
We had a baby come to visit us in Nursery. We asked lots of questions and found out how to take care of a baby.
We completed bridge maps to compare what we did as babies and what we do now.
We used collage materials to make our faces.
We measured ourselves against our friends. We said who was the tallest and who was the shortest. Then we used the bricks to measure how many bricks tall we were.
We have been practising making big circles with both of our hands. This will help us with our handwriting skills and co-ordination.

Class of 2018-2019

We had great fun celebrating St David's Day.

Class of 2017-2018

We have been learning Nursery Rhymes. Have a look at what we have been up to!

We investigated which material would be best for Humpty Dumpty to land on. We used eggs for this and found out he would crack on the harder materials.

We put on the red thinking hat to discuss how we thought Humpty Dumpty was feeling and how to make him feel better.

We made Get well soon cards for Humpty Dumpty, drawing something that we thought would cheer him up on the front and writing our names on the inside.

We chose our favourite Nursery Rhyme book and put our results onto a pictogram using the interactive whiteboard.

We love Dough Disco! It helps warm our fingers and muscles up ready for writing!

We played hide and seek with Humpty Dumpty. We asked each other "Ble Mae'r Humpty Dumpty?"

We love to do P.E, this week we have been working in partners rolling a ball back and forth, using hoops to make different body movements, we also did a lot of balancing and mirroring our partners body movements.

We used playdough to create our own Humpty Dumpty using different materials.

We sorted Doctor Foster's wellies into the correct order from 0-10

We investigated what material would be best for Doctor Foster to use as his umbrella. We found out the waterproof materials were best.

We used tweezers to see how many objects we could put into our bowls in 30 seconds, we then talked about what one had less, more and the same in them.

We went on a colour hunt to find different objects and say them in welsh.

We used sand timers to see how many physical things we can do in 1 minute.

We drew our favourite Nursery Rhyme characters and our name on a white board.

we rearranged the shapes so they were tessellating.

We looked at two welsh artists Chris Neale and keffin Williams, we had a look at what sort of paintings they created landscape and seascape. We decided to create our own making the background first using watery paints and our mouths with straws, blowing lots of bubbles. It was so much fun!

We splashed in the rain like Doctor Foster!

We did and experiment with all different 3D shapes to see which ones would slide and which ones would roll.

We know how to do a tree map!

We came back to Nursery to enjoy the snow.

St David's Day

We loved wearing our costumes and reading our books to our friends on WORLD BOOK DAY.

We enjoyed making our gardens just like from the Nursery rhyme 'Mary Mary' we used plasticine and natural materials for the mini-beasts to live in.

We went on a mini-beast hunt take a look at what we did and what we found.

We enjoyed planting seeds into flower pots. We talked about what plants need to grow. We can't wait for them to grow!

After planting cress seeds they grew so tall and we decided to make egg and cress sanwhiches, they were delicious!

Our next context for leaning is "We're all going on a summer holiday", take a look at what we have been doing in nursery.

We talked about what we would need to pack in a suitcase to go on our holiday and what clothing would be suitable for different types of weather. We then packed our suitcase.

We used tally charts to ask our friends how they travelled on their holidays, we added up the results and put them onto a pictograph.

We looked at lots of holiday brochures and talked about what we could see in them and looked at the different countries, we then created our own holiday brochuer or poster.

We chose our favourite vehicle that we like to travel in to our holiday, we described it and painted it using different paint tools.

Have a look and read at the activity we did here.

We love doing our enhanced activities.