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Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators

Cyfryngwyr Cyfoedion

Our Peer Mediators are a group of pupils from Key Stage 2 who have signed a job description to help and support other pupils socially.

  • Peer Mediator meeting minutes are displayed;
  • Peer Mediators can be identified by their tabards.
  • They have been trained specifically on how they can help and support their peers.

Rules for Peer Mediators:

  • We will not tell you what to do;
  • We will not take sides;
  • We promise to listen carefully;
  • We will never talk about your problem with anyone
    (except a teacher if necessary).


Rules for children having mediation:

  • There is to be no violence;
  • Do not interrupt each other;
  • Do not call each other names or be rude;
  • Be as honest as you can;
  • Really try to solve the problem.