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At Key Stage 2, religious education fosters learners’ interest and wonder in the world and human experience. This stimulates them into raising and investigating deep questions that relate to their personal experiences, religion and life in general, thus building on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired during the Foundation Phase. Through practical stimulating activities and exploration of religion in their locality in Wales, in Britain and the wider world learners will develop skills and gather information that will help them think creatively about fundamental religious and moral questions and share ideas through discussion. Knowledge of religion(s) and a recognition of the importance that religion plays in people’s lives will help to develop tolerance and respect, and should foster responsible attitudes in local and global society. Through active participation learners will explore the spiritual and moral dimensions in order to inform their own search for meaning and purpose. Learners will express their own feelings and opinions, identify how their actions may affect others, recognise that other people’s viewpoints differ from their own and reflect on and revise their own perspectives on life as appropriate.