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Croeso i'r Dosbarth Derbyn!
Welcome to Reception SH's web page!


Our teacher is Miss Hawkins and 

 Mrs Fenlon is our Teaching Assistant. 

We have our P.E. lesson in the hall on Fridays. We are learning to be independent when getting changed for our P.E. lesson. Please encourage your child to get dressed on their own as much as possible. We understand that they may find fastenings tricky and are happy to assist them. It may be useful if on a Friday your child wears shoes and socks that they can put on by themselves.

Please ensure you child has a P.E. kit - black shorts and white T-shirts. 



We are a healthy school and offer each child a healthy snack. Children are encouraged to try a variety of fruits and vegetables which they eat together. A donation of £1 per week is requested to support this essential part of your child's day. Please ensure any money is place in a labelled envelope and given to the class teacher.



Returning from Lockdown

We visited Cardiff Castle

We had a brilliant Roars and Claws Immersion Day

Happy World Book Day from RSH!

Happy Christmas from RSH

We've been so busy learning in school!

We made a delicious fruit salad which we designed ourselves!

Our first few weeks in Reception. We've had so much fun!

Spring A

Battle of the Dinosaurs

We have been learning to count, read, write and order numbers in lots of different ways.

Class of September 2015

Spring Term B

Dragon Tales

We went to Whitchurch High School to see art work from other schools in the local area and to look at our very own dinosaur art display. We were very proud of our work.

World Book Day

The King had a problem for us to solve. The Queen has been complaining the jewels on her crown are too heavy and make her head hurt. He asked us to investigate which would be the best thing to decorate her new crown with. We have been estimating and comparing the weight of different things to decorate the crown.

We enjoyed finding out about life in the past with our visitors.

We have been learning to subtract using the Queens rings.

We had fun taking on different roles in the castle.

We thought about what makes a good friend and sorted statements about friendship onto a tree map.

We sorted openers and enders to help us with our story writing onto a tree map.

We used money and combined different coins to buy jewels from the queen to decorate our crowns.

We were human weighing scales. We investigated different materials and compared their weights. We showed what would happen on the balance scales using our bodies.

We designed flags for our own castle models and sand castles

We visited Cardiff Castle to see what it would be like to live in a castle. We had a great time.

Spring Term A

Battle of the Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur bubble maps describe different dinosaurs.

We helped Harry find his dinosaur by writing lost posters describing his dinosaur.

We drew around our feet and made them into shoeasaurus'. We measured how long our Shoeasaurus was using multilink blocks and compared who had the shortest and longest feet. We used our Shoeasurus to measure the length, height and width of things in our classroom.

We investigated which was the shortest route to get across the swamp. We used multi-link blocks to measure different ways of cross the swamp. We compared the numbers to find the longest and shortest routes.

We worked together to create giant dinosaur pictures using natural materials with lots of different textures.

We investigated positional language and pretended to be the dinosaurs from Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs.

We used the dinosaurs to combine two sets to find how many altogether. We can write addition number sentences to show what we found out.

We built a bridge across a swamp to collect phonemes to build words from the story Bumpus, Jumpus, Dinosaur Rumpus.

We estimated how many dinosaurs were in Harry's bucket. We checked our estimate by counting. We evaluated how good our estimates were.

We investigated if you needed more blocks to get across the dinosaur footprint or around it.

Problem solving. We had to use the dinosaur pieces to make the shortest and tallest dinosaurs possible by comparing the numbers on the pieces.

We partitioned numbers in different ways to add. We separated the dinosaurs into different swamps to help us.

Autumn Term B - Scrumptious.

We all helped to decorate the Christmas tree. Beautiful!

We all enjoyed performing in our Christmas concert. We hope you all enjoyed it.

We visited the local green grocers. We bought some fruit and vegetables and had a look around the shop to help us set up our own role play green grocers.

We separated 6, 7 or 8 apples into two baskets to investigate ways of making the same number. We recorded our findings by writing number sentences or drawing pictures.

We rolled and twisted cheesy pastry to make cheese straws. We cut the pastry to make one long, one medium and one short cheese straw.

We played pebble plop. We can throw a been bag into different size containers from a short, medium and long distance.

We dug up different vegetables and sorted them into sets, we wrote number sentences to show how many vegetables there were altogether.

We tasted different exotic fruits and sorted them into fruits we liked and fruits we didn't like using a tree map.

Investigating herbs,

Autumn Term A 2015 - Happy Families.

Our first week in our new Reception class. There are so many new things to do, places to explore and new people to meet.

We have been helping Fflic and Fflac to make a number line by putting the numbers in the right order. We have been learning to add 1 and 2 more by jumping along a numberline.

Investigating flat shapes. We have been sorting shapes in lots of different ways and using them to make pictures.

We have been finding out about our new friends by asking them questions and recording them on a tally chart.

We have been investigating and making repeating patterns using 2 and 3 colours.

We have been exploring and making loud and quiet sounds using instruments.

We have been creating family pictures using the i-pads. We can select colours and change the size of the paint brushes.

We have been photographers in our own photography studio. We are looking forward to our mums and dad visiting the studio on our Family Day to have their photo taken.

Class of September 2014

Summer Term A - Down on the Farm

We have been finding out abot capacity. We have filled and emptied containers to feed the animals. We can use mathematical terms such as full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty to describe how much food is in each container.

We have been learning to add and take away by counting up and down the numberline.

We have been collecting information about which animals our friends would like to see on a farm using a tally chart. We will use our information to design our own farm.

We had a visit from a vet. We found out lots about her job and animals by asking her who, what, why, where, when and how questions. We met a fluffy rabbit and a spiky hedgehog.

We all had a great day at the farm, learning about the animals, how to care for them and where they live.

We visited the local pet shop and set up our own pet shop in our role play area.

We have been exploring and investigating the 5 senses that animals use.

We have been reading the book, Rosie's Walk and learning all about directional language. We went on Rosie's walk, across, around, under, past, through and over lots of different places.

Spring Term B - A Dragon's Tale

We had a very busy day on the last day of the Spring term. We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as characters from our favourite stories and shared books together. The Easter Bunny visited and we had an Easter egg hunt.

Isaac brought his very own Bearded Dragon for us to meet.

We went on a trip to Cardiff Castle to find out about life in a castle.

We visited lots of different rooms in the castle to find out what they were used for.

We explored and investigated the outside of the castle too.

We watched the Birds of Prey.

The Knight at the castle taught us how to be good knights. we had to pass lots of tests. Mrs Matthews wasn't very good at being a knight and nearly had her head chopped off!

The Knight at the castle told us a story about a dragon. he asked us if we could write some new dragon stories so that he would have lots of different stories to tell visitors to the castle. Here are some of our stories.

The Dragon had taken all our money, we had to sneak up and collect the right amount of coins to make a given price before the Dragon caught us.

We combined coins to pay for jewels to go on our crowns.

Spring Term A - Battle of the Dinosaurs

Our dinosaur classroom

We used Harry's bucket to learn and use positional language.

Dinosaur footprint investigation. We estimated how many blocks it would take to build a bridge across the footprint and around the footprint. We measured the footprint to see if we were right and compared the numbers to find out which was the quickest route.

We followed the numbers in order on a hunt and discovered a dinosaur egg.

Dinosaur length problem solving.

Autumn Term B 2014

Our Scrumptious context began with a trip to the local green grocers. This helped us plan and set up our own shop in the role play area.

We have made posters to remind ourselves about the importance of handwashing.

We have been observing the shapes, lines and patterns on fruit and vegetables. We have printed, drawn and made 3D models of lots of different fruit and vegetables to decorate our Green Grocers shop.

We tasted exotic fruits such as pomegranate, mango, guava and figs. Can you tell if we liked or disliked them?

Adding sets. We have been learning to combine sets of fruit and vegetables to investigate out 'how many altogether'. We can write number sentences to record our investigations.

Investigating length. We rolled out a long cheese straw and cut it into different lengths - long, medium and short

Investigating length, Play to Learn. We have been learning to send and receive a ball with a partner. We started with our cones a short distance apart and made the distance longer and longer as we developed our skills of rolling, bouncing and throwing.


Autumn Term A

This half term our topic is 'Happy Families', we will be learning about how our families are different, who is in our family and how families lived in the past. Please see the documents below for more information. 

We have been learning to add one and two by counting on.

Autumn Walk. We used our senses to explore signs of Autumn.

Straight Lines. We created wall paper for our bedroom role play area using straight lines. We drew lines from top to bottom and from left to right. These lines help us to write the letters l, i and t.

We have been learning about Kipper's family. We have been learning how to handle books and read new words.

We have been different people in the family - tad, mam, chwaer, brawd, mamgu and tadcu.

Shape detectives. We searched for shape of the day. Look at some of the things we found that had circle shapes on them.

Finding out about our new class mates. We used tally charts to collect information about our new friends. We asked them questions about their pets, their eye colour, their favourite colour and how they travel to school. We put this information onto the computer to create pictograms of our results. We compared and counted our results.

We can sort shapes by type and by the number of sides using a tree map.

Ordering the Oxford Reading Tree family by age.

Ordering Numbers. We have been learning to order numbers in lots of different ways.

Digit Dance. We have been learning to write straight numbers.

We found out how old we all are. We created birthday cakes and counted the right number of candles onto the cake. We found out which month our birthday is in. We ordered our birthdays on the birthday train and investigated who was the oldest and youngest in the class. We compared if we were older or younger than our friends.