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Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

Additional Learning Needs
Anghenion Dysgu Ychwanegol

We are an inclusive school.

Rydym yn ysgol gynhwysol.

Whitchurch Primary School is an inclusive school where all staff are committed to the success of every pupil.


All children are valued, respected and welcomed to our school, whatever their additional educational needs may be. We support children’s learning and aim to ensure they are fully included in all school activities.


Whitchurch’s Special Educational Needs Policy gives information to parents, teachers and Governors about the way individual pupils can be helped.


The school has regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. The key test for action is evidence that a child’s current rate of progress is inadequate as stated in the Code. Early identification is important as it means the child’s difficulties can be addressed as soon as possible, thereby enabling him/her to access the curriculum successfully.


A graduated approach of action and intervention is followed, starting with “Early Years Action,” where a child with Special Educational Needs is identified and interventions are devised which are additional to or different from those provided in the usual curriculum. An Individual Educational Plan (IDP) is written.


“Early Years Action Plus” is characterised by the involvement of external support services that provide advice or support. A new IDP will be compiled.


If a child in Year 1 to Year 6 is not making adequate progress he/she will be the recipient of “School Action,” i.e. strategies and support provided by the school’s personnel and described in an IDP written specifically for that child.


If a child’s needs require external support, he/she will be included in the “School Action Plus” section of the school’s special needs register. The Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator will liaise with the external support, e.g. Educational Psychologist, and assist the class teacher in implementing any advice given.


Children, where possible, are also encouraged to participate in making decisions about their education e.g. setting and reviewing learning targets and contributing to IDPs.


In a very small number of cases, the child’s needs remain so substantial that the school will request a statutory assessment from the Local Authority and a Statement of their educational needs may be issued. The Statement sets out what will be provided by the local authority and the school to meet the particular child’s needs. This Statement is reviewed annually. 


For further information or advice, please speak to your child’s class teacher or contact our Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) Mrs S D Davies.

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