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Meet Our Team

Meet our Team at Whitchurch Primary

Dewch i gwrdd â'n tîm
Gweithio, chwarae a llwyddo gyda'n gilydd


We are a professional and highly committed team with a passion for learning and teaching, who are constantly striving to put the needs of learners first.

Leadership & Support Team / Tîm Arwain a Chefnogi:
Members of the school’s Leadership & Support Team  (LAST) make a major contribution to the school’s strategic plan and target setting. They have responsibilities for leading particular areas of the school as well as being involved in curriculum development, assessment, self-evaluation review, school improvement planning, monitoring, staff performance management, professional development, coaching & mentoring and budgetary decisions. 


Headteacher:                                    Mrs. Ann Griffin

Deputy Headteacher:                   Mr. Tom Hills
Dirprwy Bennaeth 


Assistant Headteachers:            Mrs. Catherine Watkins / Mrs. Nikki Clarke

Pennaeth Cynorthwyol                              and Mr. Matthew Clarke



Leader of Learning:                    Mrs. Trudi Matthews (Early Years)

Arweinydd Dysgu


Leader of Learning:                    Mrs. Sophie Rowlands (Pupil Voice)
Arweinydd Dysgu


Leader of Learning:                    Mrs. Nikki Clarke (Years 5 and 6)
Arweinydd Dysgu


Leader of Learning:                    Mrs. Sarah L. Davies
Arweinydd Dysgu             (Designated Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator - ALNCo)



Teaching Staff / Staff Addysgu:



Mrs. N. Davies and Mrs. S. L. Davies


Mrs. C. Zirker and Mrs. L. Davies

Mrs. T. Matthews

Miss S. Hawkins                             

Year 1:              

Miss B. Murray

Mrs C. Gorwill

Mrs. S. Davies and Mrs. S. Brown

Year 2:               

Mr. M. Clarke and Miss H. Ings 

Miss E. Lewis

Mr. T. Lewis





Year 3:             

Mrs. R. Karamouzis (Miss A. Morris covering maternity leave)

Mrs. C. Morgan

Miss E. Blacker            

Year 4:             

Mrs. C. Watkins and Mrs. R. Trotman

Miss N. Matthews

Mrs. K. Jones and Mrs. K. Middleton

Year 5:             

Mrs. S. Rowlands (Mrs. E. Meredith covering maternity leave)

Mrs. E. Tong and Mrs. A. Price                                              

Mrs. N. Jones                 


Year 6:            

Mrs. N. Clarke

Mr. S. Jones

Mr. M. Ridout

PPA:               Mrs. K.  Middleton, Mrs. K. Boorman,

                          Mrs. R. Land and Miss M. Platt 


Teaching Assistants / Cynorthwywyr Addysgu:

Miss M. Platt          Mrs. R. Land              Mrs. F. Bacigalupo   

Mrs. P.  Fenlon       Miss N.Ward             Mrs. K. Seary           

Mrs. K. Boorman   Mrs K. Middleton      Mrs C. Edwards    

Mrs. S.  Mayer        Miss S. Steele           Mrs. J. Bushen       

Mrs C. Shipston     Mrs. C. Adams          Mrs. C. Davies

Mrs L. Skeggs        Mrs E. Gallaccio       Mrs. C.  Dukes

Mrs. S. Hembury    Miss S. Owen            Mrs. D. Stanley        

Miss F. Appleford     Mrs. C. Wilbraham  Mrs. S. Begum

Mrs. L.  Duggan        Mrs. T. Donnelly   Mrs. M. Dawson


Administration Team / Tîm Gweinyddol:

Mrs. S. Blake (Human Resources)
Mrs. A. Dickinson (Financial Services)
Mrs. R. Sydenham (Attendance, Communication and Educational Visits)

Catering Team / Tîm Arlwyo:

Mrs. C. Lloyd-Addecott (Kitchen Manager / Rheolwraig y Gegin)
Ms. N. Price-Jones
Mrs. M. Jones

Estates Services / Gwasanaethau Ystadau

Mr. S. Hembury (Estates Manager / Rheolwr Ystadau)

Mr. B. Hembury (Estates Assistant / Cynorthwy-ydd Ystadau)


Cleaning Services / Gwasanaethau Glanhau: A&R Cleaning Services.